Customer Solutions

We're a technology company born in trucking. With advanced telematics as our backbone, we deliver intuitive customer technology solutions to commercial fleets of all sizes including modest-sized operations by focusing on ease of installation and use.


For those of us who grew up in this business, we understand how quickly truckload freight demand can shift from zero loads to zero capacity. Your customers expect you to scale up and deliver for them, and it's up to you to serve them profitably.


Whether you're a longtime regional hauler or you're pivoting into final mile, your business has never been a more vital part of the global economy. Agility, flexibility, and smart decision-making that optimizes your fleet and your routes can unlock much-needed capacity in LTL shipping.


Ensuring the trailers in your rental and leasing fleet are well maintained? That's just smart business. With 24/7 visibility into the location and health of every trailer you own, you can stay a step ahead of potential issues.


Data gathering and networking technology that gives better visibility to the entire supply chain? That's a game-changer. As global trade increases the potential for unexpected disruptions, tracking the location and safety of your customers' goods has never been more important.

Customer Solutions

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