For those of us who grew up in this business, we understand how quickly truckload freight demand can shift from zero loads to zero capacity. Your customers expect you to scale up and deliver for them, and it's up to you to serve them profitably. No matter how many trailers you operate - a few or a few thousand - increasing your asset utilization and revenue-per-mile comes by attacking costs and reducing waste.

Contain Costs. Reduce Waste. Grow Profitability.

Road Ready's tailored trailer telematics platform helps you optimize operations, improve safety for drivers and vehicles, protect your equipment, and better serve your customers.

Maximize Operational Efficiency

Our trailer-ready feature not only tells you the location of your trailers at all times, it also reports real-time status of cargo volume and capacity, helping you avoid potential customer supply chain disruptions by providing an early warning to take action.

Reduce Unscheduled Downtime

Our trailer health reporting feature provides early visibility to maintenance issues ' from lighting outages to brake pad wear ' that can be easily addressed long before the driver gets to the yard, avoiding costly roadside repairs and ensuring your trucks and drivers keep rolling.

Prevent Small Issues From Becoming Major Ones

By measuring the trailer's tire pressure and wheel end vibration and temperature, drivers and fleet managers receive alerts of any potential concerns before they grow into bigger and more expensive problems.

Improve Driver Retention

The most loyal driver is the one that spends more time on the road and less time idled due to preventable dispatch errors or unplanned trailer maintenance. The least loyal drivers? The ones waiting around the service bay to tether up, hit the road, and start making money.

Our Solution

With advanced telematics as our backbone, we deliver intuitive network solutions designed to simplify the complex and keep the supply chain moving.

  • Customizable Reports: From executive toplines to detailed maintenance, mileage, and idle-time records, we can deliver the depth of information you need, how you want it and when you want it.
  • SDK Integration: For larger fleets, we offer Road Ready data that can be integrated into your truck management system through on API.
  • Portal: This easy to read dashboard is designed to present trailer telematics information in a simple, easy-to-read layout. Perfect for mid-sized fleets.

LogIQ™ Integrated Data Platform

Our advanced trailer telematics network and integrated data platform is the strongest in the industry because of the company we keep. We're proud of the longtime relationships and successful collaborations with suppliers that are global leaders and true pioneers.


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